The health benefits of coconut oil

Many people are expressing positive reviews about coconut oil but what is it really and what can people get from it? With us is nutritionist and naturopathic physician Dr. Bruce Fife. He's also the author of the book "The Coconut Oil Miracle." |

Posted by CNN Philippines on Sunday, May 21, 2017

We have been hearing a lot of good news about the wonders of Coconut Oil and how it can help us to fight different diseases. Here is the interview of CNN New Day program to the walking encyclopedia on Coconut Oil and the author of over 20 books, including the best selling "THE COCONUT OIL MIRACLE", "COCONUT CURES" and "STOP ALZHEIMER'S NOW" Dr. Bruce Fife

Manila, Philippines- The forum, “The Medical Science of Coconut Oil” held at the Ateneo Professional Schools Auditorium in Rockwell, Makati last May 22, 2017 was a great success. It was attended by participants from a different fields, i.e., the medical practitioners, health & wellness enthusiasts, students, coconut enthusiasts, government employees, coconut industry players, among others.

The event was a collaboration of the Ateneo School of Medicine & Public Health, Organic Coconut Association of the Phils. (OCAP), Team Asia Corp., Tropicana Foods Corp and the Phil. Council for Health Research & Development.

The keynote speaker is Dr. Bruce Fife, a world-renowned naturapathic doctor and the author of over 20 books, including the best-selling “The Coconut Oil Miracle”, “Coconut Cures” and “Stop Alzheimer’s Now”. He discussed the different applications of coconut oil in the medical world and the various medical and nutritional benefits that it provides to mankind.

Dr. Fife was joined by the local medical practitioners who are experts in their respective fields. Dr. Vermen Verallo- Rowell, Adjunct Research Professor at Up-NIH Institute of Herbal Medicine and Head Skin Study Group talked about coconut oil and skin ailments such eczema, psoriasis, allergies, etc. Dr. Gertrude P. Chan, President, Clinical Trial Management and Testing Associates, Inc. and Consultant at Department of Dermatology Research Institute for Tropical Medicine discussed the application of coconut oil in different dermatological preparations. Dr. Jacinto Mantaring, Professor of Clinical Epidomology at UP College of Medicine and Over-all chair at UP Ethics Board tackled the role of coconut oil in neo-natals. Dr Cecilia Jimeno , Professor and Chair of Pharmacology and Toxicology at UP College of Medicine shared her medical experiences and practices with coconut oil in the treatment of heart and lipid ailments while Dr. Fabian “Toby” Dayrit, the Acting President of the National Academy of Science & Technology in the Philippines, updated the participants on the challenges on the scientific evidence of coconut oil.

Dean Manuel Dayrit of the ASMPH opened the forum and thanked the special guest, Dr. Bruce Fife, all the panelists who came to share their valuable researches, experiences, views and application of coconut oil in their respective medical fields. Likewise, he thanked his co-organizers, namely, Mr. William Guido, President of the Organic Coconut Association of the Phils. (OCAP), Mr. Sing Tiu of Tropicana Foods Corp., Dr Toby Dayrit, Acting President of the National Academy of Science & Technology and Ms. Bess Montecillo of OCAP.

Mr. William T. Guido welcomed all the collaborators, participants and guests of the forum. He addressed the panelists as dedicated heroes of coconut oil. He believes that the Philippines is endowed with coconuts that had varied uses for the Filipinos from time immemorial. As a major export for many years, it helped propelled the country’s economy, even as traditional coconut products only. With the advancement of science and technology, these products have now metamorphosed into various high-end, state–of-the art, organic, environment-friendly and healthy coconut products catering both young and old alike. As world population is growing and ageing, the desire for best health and life’s longevity increases, thus, the demand for these products will correspondingly escalate.

With the current researches & studies proving coconut oil’s health, medical and nutritional advantages to man and animals, Mr. Guido is confident that coconut oil will no longer be maligned as in the past, and that is one thing that we Filipinos should be proud of.

The forum ended with everybody feeling empowered with new and current knowledge on the truth about coconut oil!

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